“Presentation Skills Training”

To Help You Deliver High Impact Public Presentations

The Challenge

Executives working in television or corporate settings often face challenges in delivering persuasive public presentations, especially under pressure situations.  This leads to low impact presentations often leaving audiences with little or no clue about the key objectives of the communication.

The Solution

A presentations skills training program for corporate executives and those who wish to work in the television industry in front of the camera, Janet Wilson, a former network newsreader in Australia and New Zealand, gives the benefit of her years of experience. Using television cameras she teaches the secrets of visual presentation, voice-overs, pacing and interviewing skills and the professionalism required for on-air performance.

Executives With Effective Presentations Skills Have Organisation Wide Positive Impact

Improved Public Perception Of The Company

Better Internal And External Communications Management

Successful Persuasion of Clients, Employees Or Public

Increased Organisation Morale

Program That Covers All Essentials To Help You Deliver Compelling Presentations

Secrets Of Visual Presentations

Voice And Diction

Body Language

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