About Deadline

Deadline Ltd is a New Zealand based communications company specialising in media strategies, training, crisis and reputational management. Deadline has been operating behind the scenes in these fields for the last decade and it offers clients a pragmatic, strategic, hands-on approach.

The company’s client list includes a wide range of entities, including large private sector corporations, local government authorities and central government agencies.

It is owned and operated by two former journalists, Bill Ralston and Janet Wilson, who each have more than 30 years experience in TV, radio and print.

Janet and Bill maintain strong relationships with key business and government figures. They also have close contacts with key media in television, radio, print and online.

Services include media strategies for everything from issues and reputation management to targeted information campaigns aimed at decision makers, key influencers and the wider public on political and social matters affecting clients.

Crisis management techniques and reputational management strategies also form a large part of the Deadline operations. We provide 24/7 support when a crisis strikes.

While based in Auckland, the directors are regularly in Wellington, and service clients nationwide.

Deadline operates confidentially and offers a range of media support services.

The company has highly developed media training programmes (from half day to longer courses) for participants that enables them to gain the most out of media exposure.

Some of the training packages are:

1. Introductory Media Training

There are two packages available, a full day or a half-day up to four-hour training session for newsmakers who lack experience in dealing with journalists and interviewers.

Designed for groups of up to six people it aims to improve presentation skills, give participants experience in handling radio and television news and current affairs interviews, and improve their ability to get their message across.

Clients learn about how the media thinks, why it goes for the stories it does. They are taught how to prepare for in-the- field and studio interviews for TV news and current affairs as well as radio and print. They are taken through a series of scenarios that relate to their industry and many of the scenarios are based on real media events.

Sessions are usually conducted with a television cameraman on site or at Deadline’s premises and participants receive DVD copies of their interviews for further analysis.

2. Advanced Media Training

One-on- one training is available for more experienced clients. Concentrating on honing interview skills, especially in extended studio interview formats (e.g. Q&A,Campbell Live, The Nation and Morning Report).

Deadline consultants will also provide detailed feedback on interviews and stories in which its clients have participated.

3. Crisis and Issue Management Advice and Support

24/7 consultancy services are available, at short notice, for breaking news stories and interviews where clients need to quickly practice and rehearse their responses to particular events or crises.

Designed to fully cover the range of question lines that may eventuate this enables clients to formulate more “bullet-proof’ responses, target messages and prevent inadvertent disclosures that may damage a client’s position.

It ensures interviewees do not enter a highly charged media debate or interview situation “cold”, that they have had the opportunity to warm up and thoroughly examine the issue under discussion for any hidden pitfalls while, at the same time, preparing highly focused messages to be put across to the public.

4. Presentation Training

We have a well-developed training programme for those who wish to up-skill in the area of making public presentations. This includes scripting, Powerpoint and voice delivery.

5. Presenter Training

For those who wish to work in the television industry in front of the camera Janet, a former network newsreader in Australia and New Zealand, gives the benefit of her years of experience. Using television cameras she teaches the secrets of visual presentation, voice-overs, pacing and interviewing skills and the professionalism required for on-air performance.